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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aunt Jody's Birthday

I'm hosting a luncheon to celebrate my Aunt Jody's birthday Friday, so I thought I would give you a peek at the tablescape I am putting together. 

My aunt was the postmaster in this community for years before retiring. I have invited the ladies from our church who live here in Balsam...

Some of them are only here in the summer as they live in Florida through the winter.

One is from England, so I have chosen to use my J & G Meakin "Romantic England" transferware with sterling silver flatware, "Louvre" by Wallace and Sons from 1893. 

My aunt is thoughtful, caring and loves pretty tables.

So I hope she will like this one. The menu includes:

Homemade Chicken Salad on a croissant
Cucumber sandwich bites
Salad of organic baby greens

Fruit Trifle for dessert

Raspberry Mango Iced Tea

My mom makes the BEST chicken salad in the world and the best trifle. I will use organic cucumbers from my garden as well as a variety of lettuces. Then, I will skip dessert:-) Actually, I will have some fruit! 



  1. Pretty,pretty photos. This will make a beautiful table. I enjoyed the remarks about your aunt. Chicken salad? I read every recipe I see on that. I love chicken salad, with grapes in the summer and dried cranberries in the winter. Maybe you should post your mom's recipe?

  2. Your dishes are beautiful, and the menu sounds great. Your aunt is very lucky to have you as a neice.

  3. Its been awhile since I stopped by, you never disappoint though! This table is wonderful and your aunt will be thrilled. the menu sounds so yummy! Have a great party!

  4. Wow, this sure is going to be a great birthday bash!! The menu sounds awesome and now I'm hungry just hearing about it, lol..The table is going to look gorgeous too. In the "near" past I would be drooling over your lovely red transferware, because it was hard to come across one, which was my hearts desire. I have a post of one happy! Can't wait till you post the real party on Friday.

  5. Sounds like fun!! I love the dishes. Your table will be beautiful!

  6. Anita, how stunning! I love these dishes......Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Everything looks beautiful already, and I am sure your aunt will be very touched by it all. Your menu sounds light delicious and perfect for summer. xo

  8. Anita,

    thats a beautiful table setting anyone would be thrilled to have as their Birthday luncheon..

    I know you'll all have a wonderful time and everyone will appreciate you making such a pretty table to enjoy your food from.

  9. Your aunt and her guests will be very taken away with your thoughtfulness!!! Have fun!

  10. It is all going to be perfect, and she will love being made to feel so special. ♥

  11. Lovely Anita,yall will have such a sweet time!

  12. Anita, she's one lucky lady. What a sweet party you have planned; from the menu down to the gorgeous tableware. Stunning. Beautiful photos.

  13. Lucky Aunt Jody! Beautiful red transferware!

  14. Oh Anita, its soooo elegant and beautiful, it's sure going to be a great time, wishing your aunt a very happy birthday ;)

    Big smiles~

  15. What a beautiful tease, Anita! I love the red transferware and the way you paired it with your pretty hydrangeas! They really work so wonderfully together. Have a very special day with your Aunt Jody! Happy Birthday Aunt Jody!

  16. I am thrilled to have just discovered your blog...the red transferware lured me in and to my delight everything here is just lovely...the beautiful table you have set and the menu you have planned will no doubt light up everyone's day, especially Aunt Jody's. I can't go without mentioning how stunning the "Louvre" silverware is...did not know of this pattern. Already skipped ahead a saw the pink typewriter and the dishes that came with sacks of flour...can't wait to explore more have made a beautiful home and your blog title is no doubt well chosen. So nice to "meet" you.


  17. Anita,
    Your Aunt Jody will be so proud to have such a thoughtful niece and I know her friends will love the beautifully planned and presented luncheon. Your home is lovely and it is such a joy to read each blog you write. I hope you are having nice weather there. We had to leave our Waynesville home and come back to Florida for doctor appointments. The weather is so hot here.

  18. Anything with red transferware , count me in! I especially like that the plates have a scalloped edge, so pretty. I also like the way you mixed it with the plaid green linens.

  19. I love the red transfer ware! This table will be beautiful. I know the ladies will feel very special with your beautiful luncheon for them.

  20. Looks like a lovely celebration.

    - The Tablescaper